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Donnelly Well
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Donnelly Well

This well, located 15 kilometres south of Bridgetown and 17 kilometres north of Manjimup on the South Western Highway, was one of a chain of wells sunk in the 1890s primarily to provide an assured permanent water source for the mailmen so they could get from one community to another regardless of the dry summers.  This well gave all travellers the opportunity to refresh their animals roughly halfway between the two towns.  The well is approx 80 feet deep and the water is of good quality so was also used by the local farmers for both household use and stock water. 

By the 1920s the use of the well for its original purpose was minimal due to the advent of motor vehicles, slowly improving roads and a better rail service.  Apart from being revamped as a tourist site during the 1990s no more use has been made of the Donnelly Well.